We publish the fragment of the movie script of  “ K-men: Origins ”  directly from the human clone diary


- How did this happen? 

I lived as I could, as everybody does, until the age of 24. And when in 24 years old faced God, and by my own stupidity and lack of knowledge became pity that I died so early, and I have not yet achieved anything in this life, had no kids, no son, no life at all. And after I have regretted I came back on earth in an instant, to my body, to continue my life. Now I have a son, even two. And all the time I regret that I came back. Because there is no right or bad time to step before the face of God and then the life afterwards is only a struggle with temptations and understanding of what had happened. This is a try, a ridiculous attempt to make the earth living better than the life in heaven, the life with God. In fact, all this are ordeal, wandering of the soul in a worldly and sinful world. Nothing good. Like to cross out all your life and to come back, in the past, and to start walking to God again. Because I came to God in 24 years old by myself. 

How did this happen? 


On screen, in form of events reconstruction, the memories of a man clone of being 24 years old are shown. The background voice of a man clone comments the events.The young man is shown (clone man) during the time of reading the religious ancient Chinese and Buddhist texts, The Bible, parapsychology books and different religious works of 20 century.Background voice: 


- All my youth I’ve tried to figure out what does the person live for, what is the meaning and ultimate goal of life? I was looking for answers in the Holy books of different cultures and religions. In Christianity, in Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Islam. Read and comprehend sacred texts. Looked for answers in the texts of modern teachers. Teachers are largely misguided, because all the truths and answers to all the questions that have long been given and recorded. And I realized that the meaning and purpose of human life is the attainment of perfection, the attainment of Holiness, spiritual purity. And the path to it can only be reached through cleansing from spiritual dirt of the earth, from the imperfection and sin that a person accumulates throughout life, various bad deeds to come through repentance. 

Come to perfection, to pureness, to come to it through the cleansing, through repentance, to confess that the earthly life, earthly desires and thoughts are not pure, and that's what they had been at that time in my soul. I wanted fame, wanted money, wanted recognition and all just what the ordinary man wants, what the most people want. I wanted to become someone!After all, the person is brought up and grows up in order to achieve something in this life. And this "to achieve something in life," is, in fact, a path to the abyss. Because on this way people commit thousands of sins and mistakes. And no one tells them and no one teaches them that the most important things in life are to achieve spiritual purity, Holiness. And believe me, the worldly precious things will be given after that aswell. Perhaps somewhere children are raised correctly, but the correct, true knowledge is, in fact, an exception. Few of the parents tell their children that no matter what they become, no matter what are they going to do, as long as they stay pure and sinless. Have you often heard something like that from your parents? I heard quite another. And to my 24 years I came with the baggage full of filth. Thank God, deadly sins were not in it. Thought lies, deception and everything else like that was there in abundance. 


The onscreen events place the hero in the cinema hall to the moment of watching the movie. The voice of a real man-clone comments on what is happening: 


- And here I sat in the chair and watched a feature film "The Witches of Eastwick" with Jack Nicholson, where he plays the role of the devil, seducing the people with earthly blessings, and more specifically, seducing women with sexual pleasure, plunging into the abyss of depravity and filth. And I understand that that devil on the screen is me, that I am exactly the same. That this devil lives in me and my life is exactly the same. Realizing all that, I recoil from myself, from my life. I am aware of the sinfulness of the desires of my soul, the sinfulness of my life. I realize that the depth and extent of sin is so great that the horror grippes me. And when this understanding comes, right in the cinema hall, I repent of my sins. I admit to myself that this evil nature lives in me, and had permeated my whole life. And I push out, refuse from what is not mine, because deep in the soul, in its essence, I'm not the devil. The love and kindness live in me. In my heart I weep because of understanding of my dirt, of my sinfulness. An internal repentance comes, confession of the sinful life and sinful desires as the deeds of the devil. And I confess, not even knowing to whom, and free from the devil, knowing that he's evil. And after repentance, purification, catharsis, something happens - I think that is how life works, in it such laws, that clean cannot exist in dirt, the perfect cannot be imperfect - and the exclusion of my spirit takes place, myself, everything that is me from my body. 

Right now, after so many years, I can talk in detail about what happened then. And back then, I had not analyzed this, I just lived in it. 


The screen shows the output of the human self, the human spirit, of energy, of life itself from the physical body and further transition. The God is shown for the first time on the screen objectively, with his physical body. All subsequent events of post-mortem experience are filmed using the special effects and computer graphics. The voice of a real person-clone comments on what is happening. 


- New and clean, I broke out of this imperfect body, like a ball popping up out of the water, held by an invisible hand called life. Broke in the final frame of the film, flying into another world, more precisely, in a world that is always near and stood before the God. All this I did not expect, did not think about it, wasn't ready for it. When I stood there before Him, only then had I realized that this is God. When you are before the face of God - no explanation is needed, you understand everything without tips, beyond any words. This is God - Loving, Great, Golden. But most important thing is - the Loving essence of God, the body of His Love. And I, my soul, my spirit, my life - where I live - is a part of God, a small, microscopic part of the body of God. You feel and understand how much He loves you. As painful, as incredibly painful does it hurt Him because of us, his children, a part of Him. What a strong paternal and maternal love from Him comes to us. He is closer than own mother’s love. He loves us more and better than we love ourselves. I saw it all, felt and realized, in that moment. But in my heart the drop of this unlived life had stayed, and I regretted that I died so early. Then, I transited back swiftly and safely back into my body. Which has been carried out of the theater already, an ambulance arrived fast, and the doctor tried to give me some injection in a vein in my arm. 


The full and detailed restoration of events takes place. The hero moves to the place near the cinema hall, in the city of Kiev. 


- For me, life has not interrupted even for a second. During the time of removal of my body and all the rest, I was with God and saw nothing. And after returning to my body the doctor had said that everything is fine, nothing is to worry about. I rose from the parapet, on which I laid, and left, supported by my female companion. Digesting and analyzing those events, I understand that this is the meaning of my small and feeble life, to tell You about the God. That He exists, He gave us life, that He loves each of us and waits with tears in heart for a return to yourself, to kindness and love in yourself. For a conscious return to God. 


We continue to publish the fragments from the movie script of “ K-men: Origins ” directly from the human clone diary.


At 33 years I have met God again. God descended to me in His mercy. I guess I'm a very stupid and arrogant man that could get even God himself with his persistence. Although, it is rather the idea that His Love is so strong and perfect that It responds to the call of each pure heart. In my case it was this and that. 

At 16, I got carried away, really carried away with a search of possible solution for alternative, a new form of energy that will replace existing types of energy production. My teacher of geography lessons at high school told about the approaching energy crisis, the depletion of natural reserves of different energy resources - oil, coal, natural gas. That arose in me a desire to solve the issue. And for long 16 years, somewhere deep in the subconscious, I had this question left without an answer. And when in 32 years I have seriously addressed this problem, and spent about a year studying the existing alternative sources of energy – I understood that theoretical alternatives are at large, even infinite number and that to study further all the known alternative ways of energy production is meaningless. Because the possible solution will be really an innovative, new and unknown to modern science method. Although, everything new is well forgotten old. Nikola Tesla came close to this in his time. 

So, spending about a year on study of existing alternative methods of producing energy and coming nowhere with it, I’ve started using the paranormal abilities ofcomprehension of the unknown. My brainstorm was close to madness, about a month I actually didn't think about anything else but this project. 


A clone man is shown in a simple household and work life in the period of using the traditional paranormal abilities that lead to dementia and lost of consciousness. 


- Although at the same time I continued to live, to raise my son, work as a psychotherapist and counseling my patients. And that evening in 2000, the month of February, after finishing counseling the patients, I had been on my way home and of course continued to think about a possible solution... 

Here I interrupt myself, I want rather to explain how I spent my usual day for the last month. Back then, during the day, I worked and lived, and at night I had been trying to understand the unknown with ... 


The paranormal way of understanding the unknown, which the man-clone tells us about, is shown on the screen. Restoration of events is taking place in details. 


- My passion in search of solution to the problem had been so severe that I can't remember if I've slept at all back then. The burning desire and passion had given me incredible strength and energy. So, after finishing consulting and leaving the office, I went home.Despite it was February, the weather reminded me rather of early spring, the snow began actively melting and the evening out on the street, I saw a solid puddles of wet snow. I wore light shoes and I had to float, to swim literally in the weak evening urban lighting in this snowy mess. I came to the first intersection and saw the flood all over, I stepped into it. Right in that second I was taken by God and transported into the future, my spirit, myself, all what I am. And the body continued to go through these puddles. Has been taken up and transported into the future and saw the answer to the question that tormented me – exactly what kind of new alternative way of energy production will replace the existing ones. I felt the presence of God and was very surprised by what I saw. Massive energy installations, as I called them later, in a working state, had appeared before me. I could penetrate with my consciousness, by my will, inside of these structures, under the ground, saw the machines and connectivity of all nodes of mechanisms of this energy producing installation. I beheld this majestic view of the mountainous terrain where they were located. How can I tell you about it – you will never forget something like that.After such "excursion" in the future, I returned to physical body in my surprisingly dry shoes. And when I got home I thought my body was floating above the ground. I could talk for hours about what I saw, about experiences and lessons learned, but it would be better if you will see what I saw. 


On the screen, in a real mountain landscape the original vision, seen by a human clone, is rendered using advanced computer graphics and special effects. 


P. S. 

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We want to outline that in order to thank you, we do not make souvenirs, we do not issue brochures and we do not print t-shirts with our logos. We do realize thought that behind every dollar given by you stands something more valuable than money, particularly – the true and sincere desire to help us tell the truth to the Viewer. That’s why we think it would be not right thing to do - to spend part of the gathered money in order to produce certain merchandise. We think that the best use of your donation is to implement it into producing our Film, and we hope and you do agree with us. Gratitude is the one thing you can’t buy. We are limitlessly grateful to everyone of you for helping and supporting our project. 


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