K-men: origins -Lev Liaskovskyi / en.

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K-men: origins - Natalia Liaskovskaia / en.

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K-men: origins - Igor Gagarin / en.2

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Lev Liaskovskyi

Natalia Liaskovskaia

Nikita Liaskovskyi

Sergey Kozachenko

Igor Gagarin

Alexander Kornienko

The "K-men: origins" project creation

People-clones, the revelations. New reality of the 21 century. Sensation!


Synopsis (short description)

A feature film, based on a journalistic investigation, tells the story about the secret experiment of creation of the real human clones, started in the former Soviet Union back in the year 1966. 

Having got the actual video material (which is more than thousand hours of video files under the “top secret” sign), the journalist starts the investigation, demonstrating the documentary pictures to the viewer. 

The past restoration is taking place, search of the witnesses and members of the experiment, the people clones itself. 

The viewer is being introduced to the now living cloned people, gets knowledge about the post-mortem experience of the members of the above mentioned experiment. 

Part of the film is dedicated to the Opening of the new, alternate method of achievement of electrical energy, that will fully replace the currently existing ones. To discovery, made by a clone man. 

You will witness the problems of living of those cloned people, that are tied to their own fate. 

The modern video facts and documentary video confirmations from past years, that are first unveiled in the movie, left no shadow of doubt in reality of what’s coming. 

One of main storylines in the movie tells the love story between the human clone and ordinary woman, that takes place in the parallel world of 18th century. 

Moreover, this film is about God, that gives life and fate. 

With all now living participants of the events of those years, written declaration is made about the filming and interview.And informational explosion is the shortest characteristic of the film. Don’t you still believe?

It's like jumping of a skyscraper! 

The time of this flight - this is my Movie! 

Stretched seconds, when all life passes by, when the time stops and there is only one Truth, there is only God! 

Igor Gagarin 

I have not imagined a single shot in this movie, a single scene, a single phrase. I have seen it by my inner sight already completed, from the start till the end. From the first shot - the birth of a man, to the final one - a scene in movie theater, where the viewers watch the same movie, and on the final shot the heads of clone-men are spinning. Every sound, every smell, every breath of this movie-bliss I have been carrying with me for 9 years already. I can not stay the movie-egoist anymore, I must share this Miracle with You. This is my mission aswell!

Igor Gagarin


 Main movie features: 


Feature film titled “K-men: origins”

Planned length 90-100 minutes

DCI Standard, D-cinema category

Planned time for shoot and Montage of the movie – 6 month 

Planned date of shooting start: 1.10.2017

Planed date of premiere 1.01.2019

Original languages: English, Russian. 

Professional dubbing on Chinese, German, French, Spanish. 

Movie budget – 1 970 000 $

CLONE$TUDIO production


Deferred future goals: 

Demonstration of K-abilities: video infiltration of human mind of clone man with memory fixation of events of the past and future in real time

Movie budget with demonstration of phenomenon of K-abilities will be 2 440 000 $


Teaser trailer features: 


Teaser-trailer of “K-men: origins” feature film 

Planned length – 2 minutes 

Planned shooting and montage estimated time – 1 months 

Original voiceover on English and Russian 

Professional dubbing on Chinese 

Is planned aswellTeaser-trailer budget is 35 000 $ 

CLONE$TUDIO production 


Deferred future goals: 

Script: The restoration of events of a key movie episode – the process of creating a real human clone, made with usage of the documentary video files 

Planned duration of teaser-trailer is 4 minutes

The planned budget for creation the teaser-trailer is 35 000 $ (with the total of 70 000 $)

 Project Team 


Director, screenplay and original concept idea by Igor Gagarin 

An author and director Mr. Gagarin owns exclusive personal rights for demonstration of the secret documentary files and video archives aswell as agreement signed by all the members of this experiment – they are all playing their roles in our movie.



Niki Glevasovski (Italy) 



Z.E. (U.S.A.)



Sergey Veda (Italy)


Second director

Francesca da Polenta (Italy)


Sound engineer 

Evgeniy Zemlianskyi (U.S.A.) 


Editor, historical consulting and scientific consulting 

Sergio Kovalskyi (U.S.A.) 



Rodion Maiskyi (U.S.A.) 


Visual Effects and CGI Supervisor 

Vyacheslav Sopko (U.S.A.) 


Make-up artist 

Tatyana Sopko (U.S.A.) 


Casting director

Mauricio Dante (Italy)


Senior administrator 

Boguslav Kovalskyi (U.S.A.)



Alexander Kornienko (Italy, Russia) +79647675438


Executive Producer

Ion Vatavu (Italy) +393207574412

Igor Gagarin (Italy) +380685669433






Natalia Liaskovskaia (Ukraine) – investigation journalist


Alexander Kornienko (Italy, Russia) - the supervisor of the experiment in the episodes of events restoration


Lev Liaskovskyi (Ukraine) – member of the experiment (in 9 years old), a donor, in the episodes of events restoration


Nikita Liaskovskyi (Ukraine) – member of the experiment (at in 24 years old), a donor, in the episodes of events restoration 


Sergey Kozachenko (Ukraine) – member of the experiment (at in 33 years old), a donor, in the episodes of events restoration


The actors list is not full yet, casting is still in process 


Experiment members, that agreed shooting and interview: 


Main member of the Experiment (donor) – S. K, (Italy)


First K-man - R. M. (Cimea)


Second K-man - B. K. (Russia)


Experiment archieve keeper - V. K. (USA)


Responsible USSR KGB officer – retired Major-General - S.V. (Italy)


Responsible USSR KGB officer – retired colonel - Е. К. (Italy)


Employee of USSR KGB, the head of technical support department from 1965 to 1976 years, retired major - O.A. (Italy)

Statement for future bakers!


"Become the part of this amazing idea, and we will make your forthcoming months into unforgettable adventure, 

at the end of which You will get the product that you helped to create yourselves !"

of A. Danilevskyi


Dear friends, right now our team at stage of active search of funding for our extraordinary project. First at all, we plan to make and release the teaser-trailer of 2 or 4 minute length, depending on the amount of money gathered. Then, having already the necessary vision aswell as the confirmation of the veracity and seriousness of purposes, to raise funds for shooting a full-length film and finaly make it happen.


We want to outline that in order to thank you, we do not make souvenirs, we do not issue brochures and we do not print t-shirts with our logos. We do realize thought that behind every dollar given by you stands something more valuable than money, particularly – the true and sincere desire to help us tell the truth to the Viewer. That’s why we think it would be not right thing to do - to spend part of the gathered money in order to produce certain merchandise. We think that the best use of your donation is to implement it into producing our Film, and we hope and you do agree with us. Gratitude is the one thing you can’t buy. We are limitlessly grateful to everyone of you for helping and supporting our project. 


Everyone, who will donate money to our project, will be added into titles (if he wishes) as a baker and contributor. 


We sincerely thank you for your donations.

K-men: origins - Igor Gagarin / en.3

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 Offer to a producer 


Dear producer, our project team will do everything for this Project to become, without any exaggeration, the most successful in Your career. We are always open to contact, our executive producer Igor Gagarin, +380685669433, trenergagarin@gmail.com, rodion6216/skype.


Mr. Igor Gagarin up to this moment has been known as a theatre director, an author of a few of research studies of the works of Andrey Tarkovsky, Zhang Yimou and Martha Fiennes. His book of poetry and movie scripts has been published.This is his first major work in the movie industry. Mr. Gagarin has also worked in the field of applied medicine and psychotherapy, is an author of several scientific methodologies. He is passionate about photography and painting. For more than 32 years Mr.Gagarin has been studying and practicing the "I Ching". He believes that his movie, having been seen with an inner vision, is a concentrated quintessence of the answers to the critical questions and challenges of the humanity as a whole and of each person separately. Moreover, he believes that the modern man is not able to enter a new era of spiritual civilization life, not having a clear understanding of the world and the direction of movement. The present reality persistently requires the manifestation of this "honey of life" in a digital format on our screens aswell as in our minds and souls. 

Ion Vatavu 

K-men: origins - Igor Gagarin / en.1

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k-men: origins / первые люди-клоны / 第一批人类克隆 / ersten menschen-klonen / primeros humanos-clones / premiers humains-clones